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Remove waste from your greenhouse quickly and safely

Heecon specialises in agricultural contract work and mechanisation for nurseries which primarily grow tomatoes and strawberries. We have the very best people and machinery to remove greenhouse waste quickly and professionally. As well as tomatoes and strawberries, we can remove waste from other crops, such as peppers and cucumbers, and soft fruit like raspberries and blackberries.

We started out 25 years ago with a unique machine that attracted interest right from the outset. Currently, in addition to contract work in the Netherlands and Belgium, we also supply equipment around the globe to nurseries looking for reliable machinery. Quality and personal contact are very important to us, which is why we have kept our activities small scale. It means our permanent team of staff can offer you the very best in service and craftsmanship.


Top quality for over 25 years

Heecon stands for quality and safety, which is why our machines contain as many mechanical parts as possible. The small and well-protected electronics units contain only those elements which are absolutely necessary. This means the machines are less vulnerable to electrical failures and have a longer service life than machines which depend more on electronics. It is important that machinery is rinsed properly, and disinfected if necessary, particularly if it is used intensively. Our machines can be thoroughly cleaned without risking damaging the electronics.

Our experience goes hand in hand with innovation. The Heecon employees who remove waste from your greenhouse are the same people who build and maintain the machinery. This means we can permanently monitor and improve our products, in terms of both performance and safety. We also keep abreast of all the latest technological developments and state-of-the-art innovations, allowing you to enjoy the best of all worlds.


Using our employees guarantees you efficient work methods.

As your partner in disposing of waste from your greenhouses, we can offer you a number of services. Please view our extended range of services in contract work.


A unique machine, providing high quality and excellent value for money.

The Heecon machines are produced in a number of different versions for a variety of applications. Please view our extended range in Mechanisation.

latest news

Vernieuwing machinepark Heecon

We receive reguarlerly request for used machinery. Most of the time, we can't be of any means for most companies because we use only the bigger machinery ourselves. These are price wise not very interesting for growers. In some cases though, we can get our hands on a small machine like a Heecon... Read more »

New truck

Perhaps you already saw it passing by, but since the end of last year we have a beautiful new Iveco Truck. This truck will be helping us out in transporting machinery and was bought to replace one of our old open trucks. It is a compact truck, certainly not as big as our last new truck, a truck... Read more »

2018: a promising start!

For several months we are receiving request for delivery machinery for the end of this year. This is not highly unusual, but what is unusual is that we unfortunately have to decline the requests. Our schedule for the workshop is completly book for this year. A luxuroius problem of course, but we... Read more »

Heecon Big Chopper - Euro Greenhouse Service Canada

Today we delivered a Heecon Big Chopper at Euro Greenhouse Service in Ontario. Ben Brinkman, the owner, will be doing crop removal contract work for the first time in greenhouses and has chosen for our Big Chopper, to do the job. In October, the machine will be commissioned. We wish the owner... Read more »


Bunker trailer

A Heecon Bunker Trailer can be attached to all Heecon machines. The trailer serves as a storage area so that work can continue when the forklift is emptying the tipper skip outside. The bunker trailer is powered by the machines hydraulics and operated by the machine operator. > Read more

Transport Mat Washer

The Heecon Transport Mat Washer is available in a number of versions. It can be equiped with 1, 2 or 3 sets of brushes. It is propelled directly by the hydraulics of a tractor, a hydraulic unit powered by the PTO of a tractor or by a hydraulic unit of a John Deere engine. > Read more

Special II Chopper

The Heecon Special II Chopper is our smallest, self-proppeled machine in our line-up. it is suited for chopping tomatoes, cucumbers, pepers etc. Because of its compact size, it is easy to handle and even suited for the smallest greenhouses. > Read more